Neil Menzies

Band Member - Neil Sturgeon and the Infomaniacs

A quick Q and A with Neil M


Gig Attended

The Soundtrack Of Our Lives at King Tuts, Glasgow. Love (Andmoreagain) also at King Tuts.

Gig Played

The Goldenhour at The Halt Bar with The Commercials.


Eric Burdon, Grace Slick, Sandy Denny, Steve Marriott, Gene Clark, Terry Reid.


(Bass) JJ Burnell, Jack Casady, Juan Alderete, Andy Warren, Ray Shulman, Carole Kaye (Guitar) Ron Ashton, Jeff Beck, Captain Sensible (Drums) Pikachu, Scott Ashton, Hal Blaine (Keys) Ian McLagan, Rod Argent, Brian Auger, Dave Greenfield, Dave Sinclair


Davy Jones singing Daddy's Song


Psych-Out, A Matter Of Life & Death, That Thing You Do!, The Wanderers

Infomaniacs Song

24 Panels Of Light


Vurt by Jeff Noon, The Bridge by Iain Banks, Saturday Night, Sunday Morning by Allan Sillitoe, The Art Of Rock

Record Sleeve


Place Visited

Glen Isla

Childhood TV

How!, Timeslip, The Tomorrow People


Martin Hannett


Gene Clark, Arthur Lee, Chris White


The Best Of The Music Machine, Psychedelic Sounds Of The 13th Floor Elevators, We Are Ever So Clean (Blossom Toes), Odyssey & Oracle (Zombies), Machine Gun Etiquette (The Damned), Nuggets, Pebbles LP's


She's Not There (Zombies), Save My Soul (Wimple Winch), The Monochrome Set (Monochrome Set)


Indian Rope Man (Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity)


Gig Attended

The Stranglers at Glasgow Apollo

Record Bought

A Fistful Of Dollars / A Few Dollars More

Live Performance

Playing bass for Gods For All Occasions at 1st Scout Hall on a multi band all dayer.

Cinema Visit

First recollection is Bambi at Hillhead Station


Shared a paper run for Mr Carson's News Agent followed closely by warehouse assistant at Fine Fare


Only inspirations.


Place Of Birth


What Instruments Do You Play?

Bass Guitar, Guitar, Banjo badly.

Hidden Talents

I used to be able to draw and etch.

Bands You've Played In

Unnamed band while at school, Gods For All Occasions, Repulsion, Chopper, The Afterglow, The Goldenhour, The Mesmer Club, Fast Camels, NS & The Infomaniacs

If You Could Join Any Currently Active Band Who Would It Be?

The Myrrors

Time Travel..where and when?

Cabaret Voltaire 1916

Time Travel..which gig?

Monterey (no contest)!

Sunday Morning Song

It's Nice To Be Out In The Morning (Herman's Hermits)

Recurring Dream?

Always different and usually complex and movie like.

Mastermind Specialist Subject

Psychedelia 1966-67

Desert island Discs

She's Not There (Zombies), Save My Soul (Wimple Winch), I'm Straight (Modern Lovers), Love Song ( The Damned), Shoplifting (The Slits), Galaxy Gramophone (Soundtrack Of Our Lives),


Straight Edge (Minor Threat), Mouse (artist)

Childhood Game

Take The Brain, Top Trumps

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Band Member - Neil Sturgeon and the Infomaniacs

Dave Andrews

Lead Guitar/Vocals
Band Member - Neil Sturgeon and the Infomaniacs

Neil Sturgeon

Band Member - Neil Sturgeon and the Infomaniacs

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