Marc Tuffley

Band Member - Neil Sturgeon and the Infomaniacs

A quick Q and A with Marc


Gig Attended

Felt/Hurrah double header at Fury Murrys, Go Betweens Glastonbury 1986 Jesus & Mary Chain/Felt at The Hacienda, My Bloody Valentine - College of Building and Printing REM - Nite moves

Gig Played

Supporting Dinosaur Jnr (with Chopper/Neil Menzies) at Glasgow Tech


Fred Neil, Gene Clark, Gram Parson, Dusty Springfield


Andy Gill, Barry Adamson, Richard Quine, Keith Levene


Mike Naismith


Calvary, Young Frankenstein, Wild at Heart

Infomaniacs Song

Break Me, Into the Arms of Yesterday


History of Love - Nicole Krauss. A Big Boy Did It And Ran Away - Christopher Brookmyre

Record Sleeve

Ivor Cutler - Jammy Smears, 13th Floor Elevators - Psychedelic Sounds Of

Place Visited


Childhood TV

The Tomorrow People


Martin Rushent, Joe Meek


Killing Joke/Killing Joke, Dusty Springfield/Dusty in Memphis, Magazine/The Correct Use Of Soap Adam & The Antz/Dirk Wears White Sox


Tim Buckley, Alex Chilton, Howard Devoto, Edwyn Collins


Gig Attended

Stranglers/Glasgow Apollo

Record Bought

No More Heroes/Stranglers

Live Performance

The Birthday Party/Nite Moves

Visit To The Cinema

GFT Glasgow, Picture House Edinburgh


Care Home Manager/Snake Oil Salesman


Dorothy Parker, George Carlin,Dennis Hopper, Bernard Hinault,Bobby Fisher


What instruments Do You Play?

Guitar, Bass, Drums, Spoons

Hidden Talents?

Make A Kick Ass Bloody Mary

Bands You've Played In?

Playing Soldiers, Cactus Devils, Repulsion, Chopper, Reverend Snakehips, Country Messiahs, Van Impe

If You Could Join Any Currently Active Band Who Would It Be?

Jim Jones Righteous Mind

Time Travel..Where And When?

Haight Astbury, 1967

Time Travel..Which Gig?

Any Stooges, MC5, Doors, Stones at Altamont

Sunday Morning Song?

Sunday Morning

Place Of Birth?


Recurring Dream?

Roaming Attics

Mastermind Specialist Subject?

80's indie

Desert Island Discs?

Nick Drake/5 Leaves Left, Steven Stills/Manassas, Be Bop Deluxe/Futurama Crosby Stills Nash and Young/Deja Vu, Isaac Hayes/Black Moses

Meet the rest of the band

Band Member - Neil Sturgeon and the Infomaniacs

Dave Andrews

Lead Guitar/Vocals
Band Member - Neil Sturgeon and the Infomaniacs

Neil Sturgeon