Geography and Luck


The album displays a wide spectrum of influences from the acoustic singer / songwriter genre to Americana, folk rock and power pop and features contributions from several talented musicians from Glasgows' vibrant music scene including David Andrews, Neil Menzies, Ally MacLean (The Goldenhour), Deborah Cooper (Mesmer Club, Infomaniacs), Raymond McGinley (Teenage Fanclub), Paul Tasker (Doghouse Roses) and Raymond Meade (The Ronelles / Ocean Colour Scene). Neil's original intention was to record an acoustic album to showcase some of Neil's mellower songs which didn't quite fit The Goldenhour's 'in your face' musical style but as the sessions progressed many of the tracks took on more of a full band flavour as some of Neil's musical mates lent their talents to proceedings. As a result the album is a varied selection from the more stripped back tracks such as 'Song For EJ' and album closer 'Picture River' to the infectious power pop of 'Break Me' and Infomaniacs live favourite 'She Talks In Whispers'. Neil's favourite song on the album 'Ride The Tide' features the largest ensemble on the album with ten 'Infomaniacs' performing on the track. Nine of the twelve album tracks were produced by Raymond McGinley in his home studio in Glasgow and amongst the twelve tracks the three most recent NS & The Infomaniacs singles, 'Break Me' (which was featured as the audio backdrop in Eurosport's US Open tennis coverage), 'Ride The Tide' and 'NY Reflection Song'. All three singles have aired on radio stations across the globe, particularly in Europe, Japan and the USA.